What is Telepresence?

Telepresence technology is an advanced video conferencing solution where the participants feel a sense of presence during the telecommunications transmission. This sense of presence can achieved by creating a communications experience with a natural human connection as in real life, including:

  • Displaying the transmitted participants at life-size
  • Capturing the video of the participants with a camera view aligned for eye contact
  • Transmitting the video at 30 to 60 frames per second
  • Minimizing the delay (latency) in the transmission time point to point
  • Reproducing the audio with echo cancellation
  • Providing a common background setting to provide an appearance of all participants being in the same room

What is Immersive Telepresence?

Immersive Telepresence is achieved when the participants are immersed in the environment and the experience of communication between two distant locations, as if they shared the same space. This form of telepresence technology can be achieved by the integration of factors, such as :

  • Immersive telepresence rooms with controlled lighting and interior design
  • Sense of three dimensional presence within the room
  • Real time collaboration with interaction at shared screens
  • Transmitted participants appearing in the room at life-size

What are Telepresence Centers?

Telepresence Centers are video contact centers using intelligent automated call routing with proprietary video transmission systems that connect customers with a business representative to engage in face-to-face video communication for sales and business processes.

What is 3D Telepresence?

3D Telepresence achieves a greater sense of presence with transmitted person appearing to be truly three dimensional at life-size without the need to wear 3D glasses. This patented technology has been successfully implemented in hundreds of systems installed in over 30 countries.

What is Holographical Reality?

Holographical reality is a digitally generated sense of reality of transmitted people and computer animation appearing to be teleported into a real world environment as viewed three dimensionally without the need for Virtual Reality headsets or 3D glasses. Unlike holograms that are limited to images contained within the boundaries of a holographic sheet of film, holographical reality can be experienced as it fills a room or a stage.

What is 3-D 4K Holographics?

3-D 4K Holographics is the ultimate communications experience with three dimensional imagery appearing without the need for 3D glasses or Virtual Reality headsets. The clarity of the ultra high definition of 4K resolution combined with the patented three dimensional imagery floating in free space is an eye catching experience.


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